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Reusetowel.com hooks are designed to encourage the towel
program implemented in most lodgings. After using the
hooks at hotels, I found many other useful ways to use the
hooks at home too.

Among the many reasons the hooks are useful for the
lodging establishments:

1) Guests can identify which white towels
     are theirs by using the different 
     colored hooks.
2) Additional space to hang towels results in
    dryer towels. 
3) Housekeeping will be certain which
    towels the guests want to reuse.

4) The environment will benefit with less use of
     water, detergent, softener, bleach and 
5) The hooks will provide substantial
     savings and positive advertising for
     all lodgings.

Suggested number of hooks per room is six.
Three hooks one color and three of another color.
                 Price      Total hooks        Total
Rooms    per hook     needed            Cost
50           $00.89            300           $267.00  

100         $00.79            600           $474.00
300         $00.69         1,800        $1,242.00 
500         $00.59         3,000        $1,770.00
1000       $00.49         6,000        $2,940.00   

Available hook colors: Gray, Tan, White and Green
Samples  = 16  hooks for $15.00  
Four hooks of each color and
a 6x10" Burlap bag.

Individual hooks: $0.99 each

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I want to thank you for visiting my shopping cart. The reusetowel.com idea began in 2011 while on vacation with my family. After staying one week at a hotel, I felt a better system for the towel reuse program had to be created. My goal was to create a simple product that would benefit both the guests and the lodging establishments. I believe 100% in my product and I hope you will too. Thank you for shopping and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.